The Internet is a highly useful tool if it is used the way it is meant to be, but lately unacceptable behaviours have been appearing in some websites. Although these attitudes can’t be admitted, the fact of censoring them is seen as an attack to the speech freedom. As a way of avoiding these situations, some experts have been suggesting the creation of a code of conduct for a responsible use of social networks, blogs and forums. Many different issues have been devised.

They are mainly focused on individual users, and on the idea of using the website like we would do in any situations of our real life. In other words, you shouldn’t allow comments on your blog which you wouldn’t stand with in an everyday routine, and of course, you shouldn’t write comments you would never say face to face. So, responsibility yours not only in the sense of what you write, but also of what you allow to be written. Another way of moving abusive behaviours away from you could be eliminating anonymous comments and ignoring trolls, as they would finally get bored of talking alone. Providing that after all these steps you continue suffering this attacks, the best way of dealing with it, is speaking directly with the user, without making public statements. Always remember other people could also be in this situation, and, if we knew so, we should help them by talking to the infuriating user.

All this codes are controversial issues, especially because they have been understood as an attack to the speech freedom as they, supposedly, boost censure.  The author of the code has said that his goal was “to propose a system that would make it easier for sites to state their policies without having to write their own”. His intention was to establish some instructions to manage the use of blogs, forums and social networks as it is a world as big a intimidating, which can offers as many improvements, but also some problems.