Just a year ago, me and other three business associates decided to run a new business project called “The Golden Closet”. All of us were interested on fashion and clothing and wanted to open a new and different boutique. After being sponsored, financial issues were not a problem, and so we rent an establishment on the center of the city, and started to contact local designers. When everything was ready, we organized a great opening party which was completely successful and gave the boutique a refreshing and trendy image. Nowadays we own more than 15 properties in different countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. But, what is behind this development? There is just a possible answer to this amazing success, a well structured communication strategy.

Being original and different is a crucial issue in this hard clothing industry, as the competition is so fierce. With shops such as Zara or Massimo Duty, which work all over the world and have attractive prices, is hard to prosper as a large clothing company. That’s why we spent long hours working on our marketing and communications strategies; we needed to have a special and personal contact with our current and potential consumers. I would say that’s what makes us nothing like other large boutiques. After analyzing different social networks, it seemed like Twitter and Facebook were the most useful ones considering our aim.

On the one hand, Twitter has been undoubtedly our most advantageous communication tool. As our idea was to foster our business by using social networking, we decided to advertise our new collections, next parties, current collaborations with famous designers… via Twitter. But, this wasn’t enough to make our boutique an innovative one. So, we agreed on offering special promotions to our followers. Some of the advantages of following us were for example, getting a 5% discount by retweeting us, so that other people could read our messages, or by printing and showing our flyers. Further, some of the Twitter applications were also used, especially the ones aimed to foster a new business, like Twibs, in which we added our company in order to get sponsors and customers. By using Twtpoll we managed to combine Twitter and Facebook and to get feedback of our followers and friend. We everyday analyze their answers in order to improve our services.

On the other hand, Facebook was also a beneficial item. As mentioned, our Twitter and Facebook accounts were connected so every tweet appeared on Facebook and vice-versa, but it was especially used to have a more personal contact with our customers. We used the chat tool and private messages to pay attention directly to people who have any question or doubt, and this personal care make completely the difference.

Overall, it seem to be clear that in nowadays connected world social networking is the best way to foster your own star-up business. If you want to have a world-wide known company you should take into account that almost every industry is highly competitive and you should shown your most original face and make the difference. If you follow these pieces of advice I am sure you will succeed just like in the case of the project that once was our golden dream.

Vintage dresses

Vintage dresses